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The GARO group is a listed company that develops, manufactures and markets electrical installation materials. The parent company, GARO AB in Gnosjö, has 200 staff and the group employs a total of around 320 people. The group has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Ireland.

electrical installation materials, including modular DIN rail components, CEE type plugs and sockets, junction boxes, plastic and steel DIN rail module boxes, meter cabinets, meter terminal blocks, block heaters, solar panels, etc.

GARO Montage 
customised electrical installation accessories, such as distribution boards, cable cabinets and switchgear.

GARO Elflex 
temporary power and lighting for the construction industry, including construction site units, workplace lighting and cable distribution.

GARO System 
is a separate business area within the group and was set up in 2010. The business area specialises in products for the charging infrastructure. GARO System has an extensive product range that covers everything from quickchargers to simple charging stations for domestic use.


It is nothing new that electrically powered vehicles are cheaper to run than those which we use on an everyday basis.  Invest in an economical vehicle, the engine of which does not operate while standing still in traffic, and which while breaking regains energy and transfers it back to its battery. More efficient engine work and lack of an excise on electricity guarantee that the price of driving an electric vehicle is pure saving.

Vehicles which are 100% electric constitute a preview of a revolution in the use of vehicles.  Never again fuelling up with petrol, never again changing engine oil, never again tuning an engine.  And while we are on the topic of engines - not having a traditional combustion engine and traditional gear box also means less replacement parts and exceptionally low servicing costs.  If you include the savings from tax breaks and special offers given to owners of electric vehicles, then logic becomes economical.

Charging an electric car – easier than you think!

Electric vehicles are an increasingly common sight at motor shows and on the road. A pure battery electric vehicle, BEV, is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to drive an environmentally friendly and economical car. The battery range of these cars is constantly improving. This means that you have the same freedom with a BEV as with a fossil-fuelled car, only without the emissions and the loud engine.

The other option is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, PHEV, which can run on petrol or diesel over longer distances. These cars have an electric motor and a small battery pack that has a range of around 20 - 60 km, which means these vehicles are suited for both urban and country driving.

For charging at home and at the workplace, 1-phase charging is the most common option. With GARO's wallbox GLB and a 16A fuse, a plug-in electric hybrid car can be fully charged in around 3 hours; with a pure battery electric car, the charging time is very much dependant on the size of the battery and the onboard inverter. (Link to a charging calculator for choosing your GLB wallbox).

The charging stations that are installed in public locations primarily offer charging via the standardised Type 2 socket outlet. Output varies from 1 phase, 3,7kW, to 3-phase, 22kW AC. Quick charging stations, which have a power output ranging from 50kW to 350kW, are also being installed in many locations. These use DC (direct current), in accordance with the Japanese CHAdeMO standard or the European CCS standard.


Three strong-willed people, loads of clever ideas and an outhouse. From humble beginnings, we’ve cultivated a unique spirit, which endures to this day. By 1941, we’d moved out of the outhouse and registered Gårö Elektriska as a limited company. However, despite the company’s progress, the three founders kept working as normal. The aim was to create a solid, reliable company, not least for those on the payroll.

We may be renowned for the thriftiness associated with Småland, but there are two values we’ve stood by all these years. Caring for our employees is our greatest priority, followed by the resources we put into making progress. We’re continually seeking to develop ourselves and our products. For us, these values are intrinsically linked; without people who are happy in their work and want to make progress, we won’t produce new, exciting products. Pretty straightforward, don’t you think? After we continued expanding in the years that followed, the founders eventually moved on from their original tasks. As the company acquired new skills, a steady stream of new products saw the light of day. Originally, we focused mainly on making successful products better and more affordable, whereas now, the company started to develop brand new, innovative product solutions. In the 50s and 60s, it was the meter cabinet and products enclosed in light metal that took centre stage. Connectors appeared later, in the 1970s. These products paved the way for our move into export. At the start of the 1980s, we established companies in Ireland, England and Norway, and continued to expand quickly throughout the 80s and 90s. After rebuilding and extending our premises in Gnosjö, where the journey began, we also set up a base in Stockholm.


  • 1994 Gårö became GARO (we removed the dots as a result of our export activities).
  • 1997 We set up in Poland.
  • 2004 We started up what is currently known as GARO Montage. This would quickly grow into a thriving product sector.
  • 2007 GARO Elflex was established, with a Finnish subsidiary formed the following year.
  • 2009 saw the acquisition of a company operating within construction lighting.
  • 2010 saw the acquisition of Ystad-based Nordic Electro, reinforcing our position within the extension of the charging infrastructure.

GARO registered on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange in March 2016.

Despite the high pace of expansion, we remain as curious as ever about the future and retain the same drive which fuelled our three founders 75 years ago. Yet we strive to stay down to earth, keeping things as simple as we can.

we love nature

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